Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fabric Yo-Yos & an Art Box

Last month I participated in an art collection curated by the Columbia Festival of the Arts. The collection was called 'Boxes and Bowls'; as you can imagine, the two types of art pieces featured in the collection were wooden boxes & wooden bowls. Artists living in the city of Columbia, and the surrounding areas, were asked to participate in the collection. All our pieces, were featured at the Columbia Festival of the Arts, and then for the remainder of June the collection traveled around to other arts festivals in the area. 

I chose to art-up one of the wooden boxes for the collection. After a few days of hanging out with the plain wooden box, inspiration stuck and I decided to decorate the box with fabric yo-yos and vintage buttons. Half the fabric I used for the yo-yos was vintage fabric from my stash, and half of the fabric was modern designer fabric. 

From this project I have drawn inspiration for anther product I am thinking of adding to my etsy shop!
Please stay tuned for more exciting items to hit my shelves!  

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