Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY Pop-Up Card

My nephew's third birthday is coming up soon, so I made him a pop-up card!
He was born December 9th, one day after me. He is my first nephew (or niece, for that matter). I think he's pretty awesome. 

I used thick scrapbooking paper (think: card stock), letters cut from various magazines for the front message, stickers, a glue stick, and lots of imagination. 

I kind of winged the pop-up part. I tested out the shape a few times with scrap paper before I found a shape I was happy with, and cut it out of the nice paper.

My sister called me after she, and said nephew, received the card to say thank you. Apparently my card was Ely's favorite! Sweet!

I wrapped Ely's present in zebra print tissue before I put it in the not-so-fun USPS mailer.
I think it is more fun for children & adults alike to rip into fun wrappings, rather than standard issue mailers!

Go forth and be inspired!