Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Picture Frame

I love taking pictures. There is no better way, in my opinion, to hold onto those special memories than taking a picture. It is always cool to showcase your unique memories in a frame that is just as creative and fun! 

Today I've created a frame using my new favorite craft item: homemade fabric yo-yos!

I started with some vintage fabric (that is most likely older than I am!) and an unfinished wooden frame. 

I stained the frame with my favorite stain by Minwax. Their "Dark Walnut" color has absolutely no red in it, which is the way I like my brown wood stain. This color stain drys into a deep, luscious dark brown.
(This is the same stain I used for this furniture project!)  

After the stain was dry I sealed it with a clear coat of polycrylic.

I made some medium-sized yo-yos out of the vintage fabric and fixed them to the frame.

I played around with the yo-yo placement before I permanently attached them. 

I love the quirky, vintage look!

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  1. Another cat! Ha, good idea for any frame lying about.


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