Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fabric Cat is Covered in Fabric

Remember yesterday when I told you the story of my fabric basket fail? My original idea was to create this fabric basket for my lighting cords, then "hide" the basket with an adorable 2-D or 3-D kitty. Because who doesn't like kitties?

So, after I created my ridiculous pink and green pouf, I was somewhat disappointed in its lack of basket-shape, so I thought if I just made this awesome cat thing, then nobody would notice that my cord pouf was not a basket!

I made a cat all right. A rainbow-tailed, big-nosed, smiling, furry, happy cat! 

I cut the cat tail, body, nose, ears, and paws out of craft weight interfacing. This stuff is thick & sturdy, as I had intended to have this cat sit upright, attached to a fabric basket. 

I attached the fabrics to the interfacing using the iron, then hot glued all the edges to the backsides of all the shapes. I hope that makes sense. 

I hot glued the ears, nose, tail, and feet on. The I cut a piece of glitter paper into a small heart and glued it on the fur. I cut a small length of this awesome sparkly gold bias tape I had, and glued it on as a collar. 
I sewed the buttons on by hand, and used the machine to create the cat's big smile. 

After all was said and done, I thought, damn, this is way to cool to put on the floor.

So I stuck the cat in an empty frame I had laying around. It was tough trying to find the right background color to accent the cat properly. Life is tough when your fur is five million different colors. 

I did not have plain black or white paper. All I have in the house is piles and piles of scrapbooking paper. I thought this blue paper from Amy Buter looked the best, but I'm still not happy. (Don't mind the wrinkle on the right side...I'll fix day.)

Now I have an awesome piece of new art that makes me giggle a bit inside every time I see it!

Do any of your projects turn out different from how you imagined? 
Do they ever turn out more awesome!?

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  1. Your cat is adorable, it makes me smile, too. btw, does this mean it is no longer "hiding" your basket?


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