Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cord Pouf

Two weeks ago S surprised me by creating this sweet moment in our living room. I had moved the chair into this corner a while back, mainly because there was no where else to put it that made sense. Sometime after the chair was relocated, the side table was put next to the chair, probably for the same reason. 

The two pieces of furniture looked a bit out of place, mainly because they seemed to be floating on the edge of the room with no purpose. S moved the rag rug from the sun-room into our living room to anchor the furniture, and the lamp he rescued from a box (or, more likely, the floor). I think the lamp gives the space some, you could sit down to read in that chair (nice idea), or sit down and check your fantasy baseball stats on your Ipad (more likely scenario).

Anyway, now that the lamp is there, there is a mess of cordage visible from every angle. Before the lamp was there, only the cord from the hallway lighting system was plugged in. Now there are two cords, and a big mess.

Pretty space....mess of cords 

More hot mess

Pretty lights in the hallway

So, I had this great idea that I would create a basket out of fabric to hide the dodgy wires in. Mind you, I've never made a basket out of fabric before, and I did not have a pattern, as is per my M.O.
I did however have a grand idea that involved copious amounts of poly stuffing and a model of a stuffed cat.
Cats, I just can't get enough of them.

My idea was to create this pouffy & squishy basket to hide the cords in, then create a fake cat to hide the basket. Genius!

I did measure. Some things. I measured the diameter of the cord pile. Then I doubled that measurement, and cut out a large circle of fabric. 

The green was to be the outside fabric, and the pink was to be the inside. Both are retro fabrics from my stash, both probably about as old as I am.

I made a.......pouf. Not a basket. Whoops. I guess next time I should use a pattern, or give my idea more than a 20 minute planning period. 

I filled the pouf with a bag of rice, and lots & lots of poly stuffing. Despite not being a basket, it was still pretty cute, so I decided to give the ol' gal a whirl!

Not bad, huh! The whole effect is a little wacky, but the cords are covered nicely, and the silly pouf adds a nice touch of color.

Remember that cat I wrote about earlier in this post? 
I'll have more about that for you tomorrow!

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  1. Very clever, but I don't understand if you filled your pof-where are the cords? I thought they would Hide in the pouf?


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