Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crayon Roll Up

So, this morning I flew up to Boston to visit my sister & her wife...and to help babysit the young one. After an hour of eye-clenching agony in the air, I landed at Logan Airport, happy to be on the ground again.

First, a little back-story about this project...
Me being the type of awesome person that I am, picked out some awesome presents for the three Boston-ites in my family. Then I successfully wrapped said presents and put them in a bag, for easy transport to the post office. Then I left all of those same X-mas presents destined for Boston in said bag. Next to my back door. For eight months. 
Yeahhhhh, about that.
So, when my sister texted me last week asking if I wanted to come up to Boston to visit and watch the young one, I was all like "Sure, that sounds awesome! And oh yeah, I can bring your X-mas presents too."

Lucky for both me and the little one, the shirt I bought him for X-mas eight months ago would have no longer fit. That only meant that I got to sew him something!

I used this very well written tutorial from Prudent Baby, only modifying it slightly.

Instead of cutting the outside & lining fabrics at 18x6" I cut them at 18x9" so there would be extra room at the top. I wanted to be able to fold the top part down over the crayons, so they would be very secure inside the roll.

I did not have crayons at the time these pictures were taken, but I do have some super cute pictures I took a few days later, after I stuffed the roll with crayons. I'll share as soon as I get around to uploading the pictures to the internet.

I hope you have been inspired to make a crayon roll up for a young one in your family!


  1. What a nice way to get them out of the box. Easier for little fingers, too I would imagine.


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