Friday, February 17, 2012

How To Turn a Bookshelf Into a Bar

S and I love to entertain & hang out with our friends. We also have a newly-discovered interest in fine cocktails & martinis. (We used to be mostly craft beer kind of people). 

A consequence of our new mixology interest is that we now have too many liquor bottles. Our kitchen is super tiny, with about zero room for liquor bottles. 
Whenever the occasional bottle of tequila or bourbon made it into our home we would keep it in the cabinet above the stove, but I don't think fine liquor should be stored so close to a major heat source.  
So, the idea for a dry bar in our home was born!

We have these beautiful built-ins on one wall of our living room. The bookshelves are stuffed with...books...among other decorative items. It was a struggle to find new homes for the items on the one shelf we were rehabbing into the bar.

But, I did not let the struggle deter me from my goal!
It took about an hour to move all the stuff on the bookshelf, adhere the paper to the wall (we used industrial strength double sided tape), and arrange the liquid deliciousness.
(Then it took nearly an hour for me to take about a million pictures of our new space!)

I bought the fun blue & gold paper from an awesome store here in Baltimore, Trohv. I think the paper was intended to be used as wrapping paper, but I thought it made the perfect faux wall-paper.
Trohv is packed full of quirky home goods & gifts. Every time I visit the neghborhood of Hampdon I always make a point to visit Trohv. Just walking through the store is enough to put a smile on my face, although I seldom leave empty-handed!

I know what you're thinking..."just show me the Before & After already!"
Ok, ok, here you go!

I hope you have been inspired to go off & create your own dry bar for entertaining this weekend! 


  1. That is super cute! I needed some wine bottles to fill a space in my kitchen... did you know the dollar store sells wine? lol... who knew?

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed my bar project. That is really funny about the dollar store selling wine...I'll have the check out the dollar stores around my city. Hopefully I'll have the same luck finding some as you!


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