Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spice Storage in the Kitchen

I love to cook. Love it. Over the years I have collected an exorbitant amount of spices, so naturally I need loads of space in order to store all of them. In our old kitchen we had lots of cabinet space, and lots of wall space..enough space for wall mounted spice racks. We had three nice, white racks that S installed, and I stuffed! 
 In our new kitchen we have about 4% of the space we had in our old kitchen. And of course I have about 100% more little spice jars!
For the first couple months we lived here in the new apartment my giant spice collection lived in a cardboard box  buried at the bottom of S's closet. I had kept the salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne, hot peppers, oregano & thyme stuffed into our only dedicated food cabinet. Nearly every time we opened the cabinet door the spices would come tumbling down! 
We needed spice racks! 
Unfortunately, one of the white spice racks we had at our old place did not survive the move. So I did some research and found some nice, inexpensive racks at IKEA. 
We trekked to IKEA and bought a couple with the idea to paint them white and then we would have four spice racks for me to stuff up again.
So, of course those poor wooden spice racks sat on the floor next to our kitchen for weeks after we bought them. 
That is just how S and I roll.

Then one day S surprised me and while I was at work. He painted, installed, and filled my spice racks!

Before - No Storage!
Before - Unfinished IKEA spice rack

Check out the After pics after the break!

The top and bottom racks are the ones we had at our old apartment. The two in the middle are the ones from IKEA that S painted for me.  

I picked out RustOleum's Heirloom White spray paint. Its a creamy off-white color which I love. S had a bit of a hard time because the Heirloom White does not exactly match the bright white of the other spice racks. I like the slight mix & match look. Good thing S likes me!

Look how nicely those spices look on the racks!

The spice racks fit perfectly between the windows.

A close-up of S's nice paint & install job.

Biscuit likes hanging out with S and I. She was helping me take pics!

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