Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Rug for the Living Room

One of the very first purchases S and I made for our new apartment was a fancy, shaggy rug. The living room is tiled, instead of hardwood like the rest of the apartment, so I wanted a rug as soon as possible to make the space more warm & inviting. We both searched for days online for a rug, but to no avail. One day we found ourselves in Home Depot looking for paint, and I saw the rug display. I convinced S to spend a few minutes with me looking at the Home Depot rugs, and what do you know, S found one that was perfect! Some pics after the jump!

5' x 8' Rug....almost as tall as I am!

Enjoying the shag.

Waves of blues and browns. See that tan wave? I've decided that this will be the first, and last, bit of tan/beige/bleh that makes it into our apartment!

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