Monday, October 10, 2011

Purple Bedroom Make-Over

When S and I moved into our new Baltimore apartment, it was already painted. S and I both love bright colors & fun paint jobs. Lets just say that the colors in our apartment were batting .500....not horrible, but certainly not 100%.
The bedroom had one wall interesting grape purple color.

Grape soda, anyone?

It actually would not have been quite so bad, if it weren't for the random and bizarre water stains all over the right side of the wall. 

Do you see the jellyfish shaped water marks? It looks like the previous tenants had a water balloon fight INSIDE the apartment! 

So, short story short, we decided to paint! 

S and I painted our entire last apartment we shared. We picked out some fantastic colors....deep, dark red for the bedroom; straight up turquoise for the living room, and electric green for the dining room. Yeah, we're pretty much bad-ass. (Pictures will come, promise!) 
For our new home I wanted something a little different. I've been reading all over the blogosphere that grey is hott right now for interior design. I thought we could make it work....I envisioned dark slate grey walls that would let our bright duvet cover stand out, and accenting the room with chartreuse accents. 
My vision *almost* worked out. Hehe. Picking paint colors from teeny tiny sample chips does not send me into a design-induced coma like some people. I'm pretty loosy-goosy when it comes to wall colors, sofa colors, pretty much all interior design colors. However, picking the color I envisioned in my head is difficult. S and I milled around the paint chip section of Home Depot for nearly an hour before we thought we found the right color. 
A few days later, S went out and bought a quart of paint, because originality we were only going to repaint the one wall, on top of the grape soda, and paint the 2 skinny walls next to our bed. We started painting and realized that 1 quart was surely NOT enough, even for our little project. And the more we painted, the more both of us realized that the room would look SO HOTT if all the walls were painted. Sooo, S ran out to Home Depot in the early hours of that evening, in the hopes that we could have it all finished by that night. He was so sweet to make the trip. I was so tired I probably would have gotten lost. I kept painting while he was gone, but he was still sweet for driving all then way to uptown to get us paint.
Painting is hard work.     
S bought us another gallon, and even all that did not finish the job. We finished about a week and another quart later. The grey did not turn out to be dark and slate-like, how I envisioned it. However, it did turn out perfect. A nice, soft, moderately dark grey that still looks awesome with my chartreuse lamps and mirror (that I DIY painted!).

We took these pics right after we ripped all the painters tape down from the walls, so the furniture is still chilling in the middle of the room.

Look at those beautiful grey walls behind those tired painters!

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