Friday, August 31, 2012

Totally Delicious Smoothie

I love fruit, so I buy a lot of it at the grocery store. Sometimes I buy too much, much more than I can eat. Sometimes a sad container of berries will find its way to the back of my fridge and I'll forget about it. 

This was the case of the half pint of strawberries that S excavated from the back of the fridge this morning. 
He called me this afternoon. Eat the strawberries he said. They only have one, maybe two, days left in them.  

Oh no! I thought. Not the strawberries. I remember earlier this week, loving the strawberries. Devouring their deliciousness. The redness! The sweetness! With love like that, how...why...did I forget about them?
Alas, I had bought other fruit that had swept me off my feet. 
After the phone call with S had ended, I went to the fridge to examine the strawberry damage. 
They did not look too bad. Still bright red, but quite squishy. Not really the way I like to enjoy my strawberries. 

I knew I needed to eat these poor, soft strawberries. But how? 
I turned to my backup plan. 

I make a mean smoothie. They are so easy. Smoothies save fruit, even if it means the pitiful fruit must get pulverized.

I make my fruit smoothies with four easy ingredients:

Soy Milk
Vanilla extract
Sad Fruit, looking for a new beginning

Like I said, so easy.

So delicious!

I hope you have been inspired to save some of your old fruit with a delicious & refreshing smoothie!

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  1. I would only add that if it is not "smoothie-time" perhaps you could freeze the fruit and mark it "For Smoothies" with the date. At least then they would last a bit longer and you'd have fixin's always ready.


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