Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Superdrag Pillow!

I love sewing & I love music. I also love re-using things that were otherwise going to be thrown away. 
These three loves of mine were the inspiration for my latest project - the Superdrag pillow!

S loves live music & as a result, he has so many concert t-shirts. We have been steadily going through our belongings & trying to downsize. The other weekend we both went through our closets & compiled three large trash bags of clothes we wanted to donate to Goodwill. Some of our clothes were un-donateable...really, unwearable, on the last thread of their existence.
While I do not mind tossing out old socks with holes in them & other like-minded clothes, I could not stomach S wanting to toss out some of his old concert t-shirts! I mean, those things have a history! Concert t-shirts should last forever, even if they have holes in the armpits & fraying threads everywhere. 

Concert t-shirts are reminders of good times that were had & should be kept forever!  

Since S was not as moved as I was, I confiscated his three concert t-shirts from the trash pile & made the decision to make pillows out of them. I mean, he had had the Superdrag t-shirt for over 10 years....I could not let him throw it away!

I spent all day yesterday making this one so I could surprise S when we saw each other at the end of the day.
I finished it just in time & he was surely surprised! 
I was happy. =)

I hope you are inspired to re-use an item of yours that was destined for the trash bin & make it into something beautiful!


Check out the frayed collar

And the holes in the armpits!
This t-shirt is perfect to me......I can't believe S wanted to toss it away!

I drew up my own "pattern". I re-did the measurements a few times, but in the end the project turned out exactly how I wanted.


Front panel
I interfaced every piece of fabric that went into this pillow.
I used a mix of vintage t-shirt, vintage canvas, designer quilting fabric, non-designer quilting fabric (the yellow), & a random piece of hippie-looking fabric I bought in 2009.

The entire front - finished
I cut & pieced those triangle pieces myself!
And check out that aqua piping---awesome!

The front & back panels - I opted for an exposed zipper for a quirky look


Click the pictures to make them bigger!

Back zipper detail

Side detail

Other side detail

Biscuit & the Superdrag Pillow!

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