Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Green Earrings for St. Patrick's Day

I really enjoy St. Patrick's Day. I love the celebrations, the Irish food, the fun, & the green! 
This whole week I'm going to be celebrating one of my favorite green holidays! Today I'm featuring a mini-tutorial on how to make your own green earrings.

This was a spur of the moment project. (The project I was going to start the week off with will be featured in a few days!) S and I took a walk around our neighborhood earlier this afternoon because it was such a warm & beautiful day here in Baltimore. In fact, some readings stated that the temperature reached 80 degrees in our neighborhood! So excited for summer!
So, on our way back home from lunch, we passed this bead store that I always drive past on my way home from work, but have never visited. I dragged S inside to look around, and instantly became smitten. There were So. Many. Beads. 
They were all arranged by color. It truly was a wonderful site to behold...almost like being in the middle of a rainbow! 
Immediately I found these awesome glass rooster beads. I'm not sure what I will do with them, but I knew I had to have them. 

So cute, right?

After I secured these roosters, I was wondering around, almost in a daze, not really sure what to do but look at all the pretty, shiny beads. I think S noticed my semi-state of shock and he mentioned to me that it would be neat if I made my own earrings for St. Patrick's Day & feature them on my blog! 
Ba-zing! I quickly picked out some green beads & we were quickly on our way.

These pretty things were straightforward to make. I threaded the beads onto the straight pins, then used my needle-nose pliers to twist the straight pin onto the earring part. The round beads made the project a bit challenging, what with trying to grip the beads while simultaneously using the pliers to bend the straight pin, but the end product was worth the struggle!

Biscuit wanted to hang out with my bead goodies

The beads, straight wire pins, & earring wires

The green beads

After about fifteen minutes of fighting with green beads & wire, I had a fun pair of new earrings!

Green earrings & Harry Potter

Ready for St. Patrick's Day!

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