Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Today is a very, very special day! Not only is it Valentine's Day, which is awesome, but today is the day that the official Bonnaroo line-up was released.

Some of you may be saying to yourselves, what is this Bonnaroo thing? Well, prepare to be wowed! 
Bonnaroo is a music & camping festival that is put on each year in Manchester, Tenn during the first part of June. 
This year marks the 11th year that 80,000 music fans descent on Manchester, camp out for four days, listen to great music 24 hours a day, make new friends, and generally don't shower. It is awesome. 
The line-up is usually released around Valentine's Day, but this year it was dropped today at noon! What a great addition to an already glittery & fun holiday!

Now on to the other occasion that makes today special.
For those of you out there that enjoy Valentine's Day as much as me, I've rounded up a few V-Day inspired projects & recipes.
Please enjoy!  

Adorable Surprise balls from Ardor!

Geek-friendly Pop-Up Cards from Minieco

Fantastic Valentine's-Day-In-a-Box from one of my favorite blogs, You Are My Fave

Totally Fantastic Paper Flower from Green Wedding Shoes

Really adorable felt hearts from The Purl Bee. 
Just think of how many places you could hide these in!

I wish a glittery & fun Valentine's Day to all of you out these!

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