Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chevron Dresser

My uncle owns a store in Virginia named Possessions Recycled. The store stocks a ton of beautiful second hand items in need of new homes!

I was lucky enough to store this awesome four-door dresser. It is made of solid wood, which is always a great thing when you are looking for high-quality furniture. However, it was obvious that this dresser had lived a full life before I acquired it.

There were stickers on some of the drawers, and the finish was chipping in some places. 
In order to save this sold-wood treasure, I turned to my trusty accomplice: spray paint! 

Read on to see how I transformed this dresser from Groovy Throwback to a Modern Chevron Masterpiece!

Here are some before pictures of the dresser drawers. 
Check out those groovy stickers!

First I took the handles off & primed the drawer fronts with Zissner. This stuff sticks to everything: shiny laminate, finished wood, stickers...everything!

After the primer dried I used "Heirloom White" spray paint to paint the drawers. 

Next I measured out my chevron pattern and taped it off.
This part was by far the longest & the most tedious. I think I spend nearly an hour figuring the math & measuring the lines. Then I had to do all the taping!

After the chevron pattern was taped on I sprayed "Heirloom White" over top of the whole drawer front to seal the edges of the painters tape.

Next I taped off the outer edges that I wanted to stay white. (No picture, sorry!)
Then I spray painted the chevron part with a bright blue spray paint. 

As soon as I was finished painting I took the painter tape off. I find it is better to remove painters tape while the paint is wet. 

I let the drawers dry for two days and then protected them with a couple coats of clear polycrylic.

Biscuit loves to help with my DIY projects!

I bought these awesome zebra striped handles to make my dresser even more awesome! 
They were really easy to install. 
I made sure to bring to the old handles with me to the store so I was sure to get the correct size. I did not want to worry about patching the old handle holes and drilling new ones.

The top drawer required two zebra striped knobs.

The After! 

I just love how the whole thing turned out. 
I enjoy that I was able to breathe some new life into an otherwise pretty great piece of wood furniture!
I'm sure Supper enjoys his new perch as much as I do!


  1. Awesome! I'm all about reuse and repurposing old stuff. Keep it up. Love the blog too!

  2. Thank you so much for checking out my blog & projects!


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