Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black & White Patchwork Pillows

I made some pillows!

These are not exactly "new" pillows, as I designed the concept while S and I were living in Catonsville (2.5 years ago), and I cut out all the patchwork squares while we were living in Silver Spring (1.5 years ago). Finally when we moved here, to Baltimore, and I semi-set up my sewing room, I got around to sewing these bad boys up!

I like my pillows on the plumper side, which these are not. My BFFs are not exactly Ms. Tape Measure & Mr. Patients. I wanted to get these pillows finished to help jazz up our beige living room. I did however install invisible zippers in each pillow. It was my first time with invisible zippers and I only messed up once. After I got the hang of the first one, the second one was a breeze.

I used 4 different black & white patterns for the patchwork, which I did cut out and sew together myself. The black fabric & and the polka dot fabric are left over from when I upholstered my vintage sitting chair. The black fabric is a flocked damask that I scored at JoAnn Fabrics during one of their 60% off sales, and the polka dot is simple quilting fabric that I used to line the underside of the chair.

The 2 damask prints I also picked up (on sale) at JoAnn. The larger print I used first to make a kitty throne for Comet in Catonsville. After he tired of it I decided it would go nicely with my pillows.

Comet claiming my fabric

King Kitty on his Throne
( I wrapped & taped the fabric around a large Tupperware bin that I used to store my craft supplies in. Two birds, one cat throne.) 

Well, I was going to just show you a picture of the newly upholstered chair (from 2009). Looks like you get a bonus cat as well. (The chair was originality blue. Seems like I don't have a before picture to show you. Bad blogger!)

And now....the pillows!

Oh how cool did they turn out? 
I used striped IKEA fabric for the pillow backings. Black and white, of course.

Thanks for looking, guys! Cheers!

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