Friday, February 3, 2012

Magazine Holder Make-Over

Happy Friday to everyone!
We, like many, have piles of magazines in our bathroom area. I didn't necessarily enjoy using the window ledge as a magazine holder, but it worked for a while. 
During the spring & summer months (when the weather is nice!) S & I like to check out the local thrift stores. Last summer we were out looking for a dresser, when S discovered a magazine rack! 

Silly me, when I finally got around to this project, I was so excited to paint it, I forgot to take a before picture. 
Sad, I know.
What I can tell you about this particular magazine rack was that it was quite ugly. It was just dull, dark brown wood. Bleh.
So, hence the excitement at painting it!

Like many of my projects, I used Zissners spray primer. I like the spray primer to get at all the nooks & crannys. Zissners sticks to every surface you can imagine, which is wonderful for us DIYers!

This is the magazine rack after I primed it.

During painting. 
I did one coat of primer, two coats of spray paint, and one coat of spray polycrylic.


I just love how it turned out. It is teal, shiny, & totally useful!

Go forth & be inspired!

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