Monday, August 1, 2011

Our New Apartment - Before

So, S and I moved to Baltimore City in April 2011. I had this great idea to create a blog to document all the projects, changes, and DIY revelations we did to our new place. Well, its November now, and we have done a TON of work. All the awesomeness of our DIY projects are documented via photographs on my hard drive. The time has come for me to unearth the pictures from the black hole, and catalog the transformation of our home. 
See some pictures of our new apartment...after the break!

Living Room
S picked out that awesome rug from Home Depot. Its shag, and its delicious to walk on.
Hand me down leather sofa. 
TV stand, coffee table, and recycling system (back left) are all from IKEA.

Awesome built-in shelves. Beautiful stone fireplace, with 2 gargoyles. The apartment even came with a working chandelier! 
In the beginning we set up a very fancy folding card table to act as our dining room table. 
On the right side of the picture is my unfinished IKEA Rast dresser that S bought for me. I had plans to refinish it...and the sad dresser sat for 6 months before I actually did anything to it! Pictures of that exciting transformation to come. On top of the sad Rast is Supper, our goldfish.

And of course, the last thing to explain about our new living room. Can you see it? The ghastly, horrible, scary color that is covering every square inch of these lovely, paneled walls? Its......beige. I almost don't want to type the letters. This color is horrible. It is even worse in person that you can tell in the pictures. S and I picked out a beautiful light blue color to repaint...before we even moved in! We fell in love with the apartment, but knew, without a doubt, that this weird tan/beige/bleh color had got to go! My goal is to have the painting finished by X-mas. We actually painted our bedroom of that mess to come. I am very confident that we will be able to brighten up our living room by the end of December...even with the advent of Skyrim looming ahead of us!

The Kitchen
I am loving the striped faux-wood flooring. So funky! We don't have a microwave or a dishwasher (yet), but we have a gas stove, and a sweet sink disposal system.
 The windows on the one side of the kitchen let in so much light during the day. It helps a lot because there are no windows in our living room, due to the fact that our living room is in the middle of the row house.
Those long heaters are everywhere in our apartment, even in the sunroom. Well, we have heaters everywhere but our bathroom. There are no outlets in the bathroom either. Now that winter is nearly upon us, S and I are thinking hard about what to do about our super-cold bathroom.

Check out the rest of our new apartment, after the break!

The Hallway
We have an arched hallway that connects the living room to our bedroom. Its tiled all the way through, and then the bedroom and the sunroom have hardwood floors. We have plans to put up all of S's concert posters along the hallway and some string lighting.

The Bedroom
Our bedroom was originally white, with one grape purple wall. Whomever was first to install the curtain rods did not use anchors, so when we went to inspect the rods, we found a HUGE gaping hole in the middle of the wall. S took several days to properly patch the gorge, as well as the rest of the screw/nail holes. We then re-attached the original rods properly, with anchors.

We have "his" and "hers" closets along the wall with the fireplace. The fireplace is a real-working gas fireplace. Its not as much fun as our old wood-burning fireplace, but its still pretty sweet. It is not as big of an ordeal to make a fire. Now that the weather is changing and getting colder, S usually puts the fire on in the evening so the bedroom is warm for when we both go to sleep.
The french doors in the back lead out to the sunroom!

The glass door leads out to the hallway. We usually keep it open all the time. Biscuit really enjoys running back and forth through the apartment.

The Bathroom
We have a curved shower curtain which I've never had before. The color of the bathroom is my favorite color that came with the apartment!

In the bathroom we have a little built-in shelving unit with a pointed top. I love all the quirky details of our place. Most of the windows in the place are new & vinyl, like this one. Some of the windows in the sunroom, and both windows in the bedroom are still the old aluminum variety.

The large cedar closet in our bathroom, complete with giant too-large-to-move mirror.

The Sunroom
Here is our sunroom, looking into it from our bedroom.

It has 8 old aluminum windows with weird glass sun-shields attached to the outside. There is a crank on the bottom of each window, inside the frame, that you are supposed to use to crank the slats open and shut. However, I'm pretty sure these windows are original to the addition (1960s-ish), and many of the cranks are rusted shut. During the summer S attempted to clean the screens and fix the cranks. He did a great job, but the windows are just so old.

Good thing we have 2 brand new vinyl picture windows at the end of our sunroom! These windows are awesome! The let in so much light! Biscuit likes to sit on the sill and watch the birds and bugs fly buy.

Here are the french doors that lead into our bedroom. The door on the right leads out to the fire escape/patio. The black shelf on the left came with the place.

The Fire Escape / Patio
Our fire escape is large enough for 4 adults to hang out on comfortably. It will also save us from a fire, if the need arise. These stairs lead down to our carport and alley.

These stairs lead up to our....roof! Yep, we have prime roof access. The views are so sweet.

The Roof
We have a semi-clear view of The Belevedere from our awesome roof. (That is the building on the far left.)

We also have a beautiful view of downtown Baltimore!

Our apartment has roof access because the fire escape for the apartment directly above us goes across the roof, and then connects to our fire escape stairs. (The railing is the top apartment's fire escape).
Our roof isn't exactly a party roof, but its nice to go up there and hang out with a few people.

That's our home!

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